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Raise money for the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation while challenging yourself through one of our events.

Our services cover the physical, mental and day-to-day needs of all healthcare workers, from doctors and nurses to cleaners and porters. Together, we make a real difference.

  • £20,022 spent on staff room refurbishments

  • £70,648 of grants delivered

  • 1,671 counselling sessions provided to healthcare workers

Are you a healthcare worker who needs assistance?

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We offer financial aid, counselling, staff room refurbishments and bereaved families support to anyone working in a healthcare setting.

Who we've helped

  • Tracey Photo of Tracey
    This break away meant so much to both me and my beautiful granddaughters.
  • Zalika Photo of Zalika
    I cried and was relieved to get this support…the grant has made a big impact.
  • Anna Photo of Anna
    The tutoring courses really helped boost my confidence whilst studying in the lead up to my exams this summer.
  • Nagina Photo of Nagina
    It looks amazing! Great space to have a proper relaxing break, which makes you feel away from the stress of the work.

Latest updates

  • Violence and bullying shouldn’t be ‘just part of the job’

    You shouldn’t have to go to work in a caring, under-resourced profession and expect to get punched, abused and spat upon by patients and their relatives. A healthcare setting should be a safe working environment for workers and patients alike.

  • Nurses vote to go on strike: it’s not just about the money

    Votes are in, and nurses across the UK have voted to go on strike. In England, that will affect 130 NHS providers, all NHS employers in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and all but one in Wales. The ballot results come at a time when over 25,000 nursing staff have left the profession, and there are over 47,000 RCN vacancies. The current pay offer still leaves nurses more than 20% worse off than ten years earlier, and many nurses have a wage that is falling behind the National Living Wage at an increasing rate.