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This winter, healthcare workers in the UK are facing a crisis like never before. And they need our help to get through it. Your donation will help to provide them with access to free essential out of hours services including professional counselling, childcare support and financial assistance.

If we act now, together we can support our healthcare workers through this crisis and protect the workforce for the future.


A Perfect Storm

The emerging second wave of COVID-19 is just the tip of the iceberg. The underlying crisis in the healthcare sector goes much deeper with a massive backlog from cancellations forced by COVID-19, and the ongoing cumulative strain from fighting a global pandemic, set to coincide with the looming annual winter pressure on the healthcare system.

The potential for a far longer-term impact is too great. We must act now.

Considering leaving
Over a third of NHS nurses are stressed and considering leaving their jobs, an increase of 25% from before the pandemic.[1]
Royal College of Nursing, 2020

Waiting for treatments
Time left to act
We cannot wait. We must act now to support our healthcare workers so they can stay at work and continue fighting COVID-19.

The number of staff leaving the NHS has been a systemic crisis for years, but with these added strains and little sign of light at the end of the tunnel, there are unprecedented numbers of healthcare workers who are left with little choice but to leave the sector.

35% of NHS nurses said in September 2020 they are stressed and considering leaving their jobs - an increase of 25% in 12 months - with nearly half of those (45%) attributing it to their treatment during the pandemic. Additionally, the 2020 General Medical Survey reveals 50% of trainee doctors feel concerned for their own physical safety or that of their colleagues, with 1 in 5 feeling severely burnt out.

We must act now to support our healthcare workers so they are able to stay in their job and continue the fight against COVID-19, clear the backlog of treatments and keep our precious healthcare system working for future generations.

"A massive thank you for my food box delivery. I'll be starting at The Nightingale tomorrow, and it's so reassuring to my family I'm leaving behind a well stocked freezer. We are so grateful!"

Louisa Pavlakovic

Doctor, The Nightingale Hospital

The Healthcare Workers’ Foundation (formerly HEROES) supports the welfare and wellbeing of those fighting to keep us healthy and safe during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. We provide a range of free services out of hours, including professional counselling, childcare support and financial assistance.

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Doctor reunited with her son thanks to Healthcare Workers’ Foundation childcare support

Jennifer (not her real name) is a single mum working in a busy London teaching hospital. When the COVID-19 crisis hit she could not afford the necessary childcare, and her 3-year-old son had to isolate with her parents for more than one month. “It was a difficult sacrifice, being apart from him,” Jennifer told us, “but I knew at that time I was needed most by the sick patients in my hospital.”

“Thanks to your generosity I am reunited with my son and can keep helping our NHS patients in a job that I love!”

In April 2020, Jennifer approached the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation and we were able to provide her with the childcare support she required to continue working late, while also ensuring her son could be taken to nursery.