About Us

Launching SHIELD

In response to the UK’s critical shortage of PPE, we formed a collaboration of businesses called SHIELD where we are 3D printing sustainable visors, masks and other forms of PPE, on a mass scale. We’re also sourcing and distributing PPE across the UK, with the help of Contractor’s Appeal. By the end of week two, we had raised more than £350K.

Delivering Meals and PPE

Week one at HEROES was a busy one. It fast became clear to us that not only were NHS workers in desperate need of any support which could make their day-to-day lives easier, but there were people all around the UK who wanted to help. We raised more than £100K in donations, delivered thousands of hot meals cooked by chefs, as well as hand creams and PPE which had been donated.

Actions and services we are providing.

Personal Protective Equipment

We are committed to protecting frontline NHS workers and ensuring they have the vital personal protective equipment they need.

We work on three levels:

  1. With the government to augment the search and procurement of PPE outside traditional supply lines.
  2. With industry to supply donations of industrial PPE to NHS workers in hospitals and GPs, hospices and care homes
  3. Funding grassroots manufacturers creating 3D printing hubs to create personal protective equipment such as eyewear. The London Hub at Makerversity can produce 2000 visors a day currently.

We work with an umbrella group called SHIELD of industry experts, 3D printers, legal and regulatory experts.

We are always looking for more to join us and streamline the effort to create and source PPE. Please get in touch today.

Our friends and partners

We are touched and honoured to be supported by such a huge range of business, charities and public figures, who all want to help our NHS Frontline as best they can.

We work with a range of businesses to provide discounted products including gifts, food, and travel. If you are a business and interested in becoming a Healthcare Workers' Foundation partner, get in touch here.

We also work alongside and with other charities helping NHS Workers. The British Medical Association Giving committee has a seat on our advisory committee, and we sit on theirs, collaborating to fund support for the frontline through mutual good work.

We are also honoured to be supported by public figures, from our founding members of ex-England footballer and BT Sport pundit Joe Cole and his wife Carly Cole, to Maddox Galley’s Creative Director, Jay Rutland and his wife Tamara Ecclestone; we are privileged to count on their help and support to fundraise and boost our organisation to help the NHS frontline.

Meals & Food Delivery

We work with a number of partners to deliver food to NHS workers at home and at work.

From celebrity chefs such as Aldo Zilli, Francesco Mazzei and Omar Allibhoy, to food boxes at home from WWMeats and others, we aim to feed our frontline and their families, bring a little joy but also some much needed basics at a challenging time.


We work with the largest childcare provider in the UK, childcare.co.uk, to deliver safe childcare options so NHS frontline workers can go to work with peace of mind, and can provide co-op care around the country to look after their children and vice-versa.

We also fund support grants to cover costs of childcare to those in need of it, up to £1000.


We raise money from the general public and through special campaigns.

In combination with the incredible support from the Maddox Gallery and Jay Rutland the #ArtForHeroes charity exhibition is currently running and can be viewed at artforheroes.co.uk

In the music world we are honoured by the breadth and depth of talent support our campaign through #MusicForHeroes.

We are always on the lookout for new ways to help and raise awareness. If you want to fundraise with us or come on board to help please get in touch here.

Counselling Services

The Healthcare Workers' Foundation recognises the extraordinary strain on everyday NHS workers in response to COVID-19. Working outside of their usual places of work and skills, in harrowing conditions, takes its toll.

We have created a hub of mental wellbeing support services across all staff groups, including free sessions with professional therapists at HarleyTherapy.com and links to the British Medical Association’ Wellbeing service, and the national NHS wellbeing service.


Healthcare Workers' Foundation is working with a number of partners to offer free or discounted cab fares directly to NHS workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We provide both educational resources for the public and a hub of resources for clinicians about coronavirus and COVID-19.


Healthcare Workers' Foundation delivers hassle-free grants, either paying for perks directly to the partner company for small items like cabs or pizza, or a support grant based on need up to £1,000 for childcare, accommodation or transport.

For small grants and other services we verify NHS workers via nhs.net or trust email. For larger grants, NHS workers are verified with a two-step process, including secure email and identification verification via an independent app. Once confirmed as NHS workers, support grants are awarded for specific needs - childcare, accommodation, or travel, due to hardship created by COVID-19. We can deliver funds to a single member only once per funding cycle.