What we do
Bereaved Families

Bereaved family support

We want to support people who have lost an ‘in-service’ healthcare worker parent. Those who have lost a parent may miss out on opportunities, connections and security.

We provide tailored, immediate and continuous support, ensuring that the wider family and the children that have been left behind are cared for.

Our services include counselling, legal advice, respite breaks and educational/tutoring support. They can be accessed at any time, as and when they are needed.

Memorial Fund

Children who have lost an ‘in-service’ healthcare worker parent are eligible to apply for our Memorial Fund and receive an annual £5,000 grant to directly support them during higher education.

“I am extremely grateful to the whole team at HWF who have granted me £5,000 towards my third year of study at Liverpool University, as part of their Memorial Fund. The last year has been incredibly difficult for me and my family, so having that extra bit of financial security means everything. I’m excited to enter another year of studies and move forward with my education and career.”

If you feel you and your family would be eligible for this support, please contact us at support@healthcareworkersfoundation.org for more information or apply below: