Donate to help our
healthcare workers

Unless we act now there is a real chance that the people we rely on to look after us will be left unable to look after themselves.


How your donations help

£20 could fund academic tutoring for a child who has lost a healthcare worker parent to COVID-19, so that they don’t fall behind at school.

£50 could fund provision of kitchen equipment, so that healthcare workers have access to hot food facilities on night shifts.

£100 could fund two counselling sessions for a healthcare worker who is struggling with their mental health, as a result of their job.

£250 could fund emergency financial support for a healthcare worker struggling to feed their family or pay rent.

£500 could fund comfortable seating and sleep facilities, so that healthcare workers can get some rest during long shifts.

£750 could fund a respite break for a family who lost a healthcare worker parent to COVID-19.

“Your support has saved me from the brink. It has also helped and saved me from becoming homeless. You have been nothing but amazing and helpful caring and supportive.”