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Festival Friday

Host a Festival Friday (or any day) at your workplace, in your community or in your garden this summer and help our healthcare workers in the UK.

Get Into The Festival Spirit

Bring that festival vibe into your workplace, school, community or in your garden and add a bit of sparkle to your day for a worthy cause.

Find a Friday (or any day) this summer and get everyone to dress for their favourite music festival. We’re thinking Glasto, Reading, Isle of Wight and many more. Shorts, loud tees, summery frocks and maybe even wellies! Lots of glitter, makeup, banners, flowers and every type of loud, fun decoration. See if you can magic up a patch of grass, even the fake stuff, and a deckchair or two. Make up some summery mocktails, cut the crusts off those sandwiches and share the love around.

It’s a great way to do some teambuilding with colleagues, bring people together and have fund with your friends. Put the ‘fun’ into fundraising for our healthcare workers across the UK.


“I’m really excited about Festival Friday because it’s going to be really fun. My friends are amazing, and they are helping too! I want to make sure healthcare workers can support their family, as well as themselves, because they do so much for other people. They deserve it.”

Elise, aged 9, organised her own Festival Friday in her garden with all her friends, and even created colourful invitations!

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Thank you so much to everyone that has already signed up to organise a Festival Friday. We love hearing all about your events and looking at your fantastic photos!

There are many ways to get involved, it is not just for the office or workplace. Are you a school looking for new ways to celebrate the last day of term whilst making a difference? A university looking to add an activity to your raising and giving (RAG) programme of events? We have lots of ideas and top tips to help make your Festival Friday a success!