Hardship Fund Winter Appeal
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Our Hardship Fund offers grants of up to £1,000 to healthcare workers experiencing exceptional hardship. We have been inundated with applications and can’t help everyone who needs us. Help us to look after those who look after us.

The cost-of-living crisis is having a real impact on healthcare workers, with some hospitals even setting up foodbanks for their staff. Thousands of healthcare workers are leaving jobs they love, to get better paid work elsewhere. Those who remain in healthcare are already overworked and exhausted, with many now worrying about household finances too. They’re having to make daily choices on whether they can turn on the heating or go without food.

Since launching the Hardship Fund, we have been inundated with applications and requests for support. In addition to our financial assistance, we also fund counselling and bereaved family support, which have also seen an increase in demand. As winter approaches and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis worsens, we know applications are only going to go up and we just don’t have enough funding to help everyone who needs us.

Things are hard for most of us right now and nobody likes having to ask for help. But on behalf of the healthcare workers we’re supporting, can you help? Can you donate today to ensure we can keep supporting those who need us this winter?

Let’s look after those who look

after us

Winter is always a tough time for the NHS, with a greater demand on services. But the challenges this winter will be immense. Staff are overstretched and still dealing with a backlog caused by the pandemic. They’re seeing colleagues leave the profession to get better paid jobs in retail or as delivery drivers, leaving them overworked and exhausted. And now, like so many of us, they’re having to deal with the cost-of-living crisis.

‘I’m lucky, our hospital gives free tea and coffee, and biscuits if we’re lucky. I lived on toast for lunch…and coffee at work as I still had to support my daughter and put petrol in the car. Thank God I don’t have periods anymore! It seems the more physically demanding the role in the NHS, the less you are paid.’

Anonymous healthcare worker

The Healthcare Workers’ Foundation Hardship Fund

We set up our Hardship Fund two months ago, offering grants of up to £1,000 to healthcare workers struggling financially. We knew there was a need for these grants, but we had no idea just how much. In addition to our vital work offering counselling and bereavement support to healthcare workers, we’re now overwhelmed with applications for these grants and, as winter approaches, we’re receiving more every week. People who desperately need our help but we, sadly, just don’t have the funds to support.

“We hear from the individuals we support just how bad things are right now – and worse is to come,” said Julie Child, Chief Executive at the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation (pictured here on the left).

“Because of the cost-of-living crisis, healthcare employees are not only coping with increased pressure at work but also an increase in financial demands at home. Budgeting can only go so far in addressing these issues. Our support initiative aims to lessen some of the possible financial hardships many members of the healthcare workforce may be facing. After all, a decent healthcare system benefits us all!”

How your donations help

The Hardship Fund mostly supports people who need help with more expensive items. Working together, we can help those healthcare workers most in need.

If 25 people donate £15, that could buy a washing machine, allowing families who have no way of replacing their broken one the dignity of clean clothes

If 18 people donate £25, that could buy a new oven, enabling families escaping domestic abuse the security of eating hot meals

If 20 people donate £50, that could pay someone’s rent arrears, giving a family a fresh start, free of debt

The Healthcare Workers’ Foundation is a charity created for, and led by, healthcare workers. We are fully committed to supporting and improving the welfare and wellbeing of those working in healthcare throughout the UK. In addition to our financial support, we provide staff room refurbishments, bereaved family support and counselling. Your donation will be used whenever it is needed the most to support healthcare workers around the UK this winter and all year round.

Text giving

A small way to make a huge difference is by donating with a single text message. Simply text HWF to 70085 to donate £3 a month.

Or you can text HWFNOW to 70085 to make a one-off donation of £5.

By texting us, you’ll be opting in to receive our marketing messages, which allow us to do even more to help our healthcare workers on the frontline. If you decide you want to stop your monthly donation text ‘STOP’ to 70085.

“I was trying to catch up on deficits on my finances due to higher childcare costs. This grant has really helped towards that. Thank you very much to the donors and the HWF team.”