72 ways you can help the NHS in celebration of its 72nd birthday on 5 July 2020

The NHS has risen above one of the biggest challenges the UK has seen since its inception 72 years ago, but we can all do our part to alleviate the everyday pressures that NHS workers are facing through these difficult times and beyond. To commemorate the NHS’s 72nd birthday yesterday, we bring you 72 things you can do to protect the NHS and its invaluable workers.

  1. Donate to HEROES, looking after the welfare and wellbeing of NHS frontline workers: helpthemhelpus.co.uk
  2. Buy your mask from chooseally.com, a reusable and sustainable mask with medical grade filter, which saves medical supplies for the NHS
  3. Celebrate with sweets! Buy delicious Candy Kittens sweets with proceeds going to HEROES. Visit candykittens.co.uk
  4. Lend a helping hand at your local hospital. Visit royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk for more info
  5. With golf opening back up, why not take your friend who works in the NHS for a round of golf?
  6. Get involved with cutting edge research and help fulfil a crucial role throughout the research process. Visit https://www.invo.org.uk/
  7. Point a friend to counselling. If you know an NHS worker, point them towards free counselling at helpthemhelpus.co.uk
  8. Say thank you to friends and family that are NHS workers - it means a lot
  9. Thank the millions of carers working alongside the NHS in protecting and caring for the most vulnerable in society
  10. Stay up-to-date; the latest pandemic guidance can be found at stopthespread.org.
  11. Point a friend to PPE supplies. If you know an NHS worker, point them towards sustainable PPE supplies at helpthemhelpus.co.uk
  12. Listen to Music. Check out 'Songs of Isolation', a special charity album created by artists who wrote and recorded lockdown songs. All money raised will go to HEROES. Visit https://bit.ly/2Zwjv8g
  13. Write to your MP. Speak up for your NHS. Currently the NHS has 100,000 unfilled jobs, including 40,000 vacant nurse positions. Write to your local MP if you are concerned about this
  14. Save lives by donating bone marrow. Visit bbmr.co.uk to join the register
  15. Keep social distancing. Be sure to stick to social distancing rules to help prevent a second wave
  16. Fancy helping our team deliver items around London? Email contact@helpthemhelpus.co.uk to find out how you could get involved
  17. Learn CPR. This might save a loved one or someone else's loved one and is the most effective way to save lives during cardiac arrest
  18. Donate £20 to HEROES. £20 could pay for 4 pairs of reusable scrubs, 3 reusable & innovative gowns or 13 reusable & sustainable visors for NHS staff. Donate here: helpthemhelpus.co.uk/donate
  19. Keep on washing your hands regularly. One of the best ways to prevent the virus from spreading
  20. Call a friend or elderly neighbour who lives alone to check-in
  21. Read for the NHS. Pre-order "Duty of Care" by HEROES co-founder, Dr. Dominic Pimenta. All royalties go to HEROES. Visit https://bit.ly/38kv0Uc
  22. EAT BISCUITS! Buy yummyPercy's Bakery's HEROES Chocolate Chip Shortbread. 100% of profits go towards HEROES. Available on Amazon
  23. Are you a business owner? Give NHS discounts to hungry and tired staff. Email contact@helpthemhelpus.co.uk to register your interest
  24. Save lives by becoming an organ donor. Visit organdonation.nhs.uk to register
  25. Know your NHS. Did you know there are 1.5m NHS workers in the NHS? It is the 5th biggest workforce in the world
  26. Volunteer to be a car driver for ambulance services. Google 'ambulance car service drivers' to find local opportunities
  27. Commit to your mental wellbeing. Commit to improving your mental wellbeing to help support the NHS and each other by taking time out to meditate or enjoy yoga
  28. Become a part of the world's 5th largest workforce. Visit the following page for more information
  29. Say thank you to the 320,000 nurses working across the NHS
  30. Cover your sneezes and coughs. Protect the ones around you by covering your mouth, ideally with a throw-away tissue and wash your hands immediately after
  31. Keep your distance - stay at 2m distance where you can, and never less than 1m outside your own household
  32. Register with a doctor. A&E gets very busy and if it’s not an emergency, it’s better to book to see your GP
  33. Business owners – think about implementing wellbeing strategies for your employees. This could increase employee productivity, engagement and reduce sickness absence
  34. With the weather heating up, make sure you always stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle around with you to avoid any health complications
  35. Use your platform. Use your social media accounts to post information about HEROES and the financial grants available to NHS workers
  36. Get walking! Walk to your destination rather than taking public transport. It's a brilliant form of exercise, great for your mental health and helps to stop the spread of Covid-19
  37. Give a smile to the next frontline worker you see out and about, it can make a huge difference to someone's day
  38. Take extra precautions such as making sure you and your family wear a helmet when riding bikes and scooters this summer to avoid A&E visits
  39. If you know an NHS worker, point them towards our charity and free counselling. Visit helpthemhelpus.co.uk
  40. Complete a charity challenge! Fundraise for HEROES by completing an epic bike ride, trek or run. Visit charitychallenge.com
  41. WFH. Continue to work from home if you're able to
  42. Wear Your Mask - this protects Y.O.U. Yourself, Others, And US (the NHS)
  43. Donate £50 to HEROES. £50 could pay for 10 pairs of reusable scrubs, 7 reusable & innovative gowns or 33 reusable & sustainable visors for NHS staff. Donate here: helpthemhelpus.co.uk/donate
  44. ThankBombay Brasserie! Give a shout out to our partner who have been delivering 900 meals per day to front line staff.
  45. Fancy helping our team connect to NHS workers all over the country? Volunteer today. Email jobs@helpthemhelpus.co.uk
  46. Use your social media accounts to post information about HEROES and therapy resources available at Harley Therapy.
  47. Save lives by donating blood. Visit blood.co.uk to find out more
  48. Volunteer with St John Ambulance and learn lifesaving skills. For more information about volunteering opportunities visit sja.org.uk
  49. Fundraise for HEROES and support our frontline NHS staff
  50. Say thank you to the 18,000 ambulance staff working across the NHS - that’s 300 FULL double decker buses
  51. Don’t skip your GP appointment and if you have to cancel, let them know. That valuable space could be given to someone else who needs it
  52. Point a friend to food drops. If you know an NHS worker, point them towards food drops at helpthemhelpus.co.uk
  53. Sign up for the COVID-19 symptom study to help track the spread of the virus at covid.joinzoe.com
  54. Be respectful of other patients whilst you’re waiting for your appointment. Remember that everybody’s in there for a reason and everybody will get their turn
  55. Send a free isolation postcard to your fiend - you just need to pay P&P. All they ask in return is that you donate to the COVID-19 Urgent Appeal. Visit blockbook.com/postitivepost for more info
  56. Half of all sickness absences from work in the UK is due to mental health issues. If you’re a business owner, consider offering ways to support your employees’ mental health, such as through occupational health, confidential counselling or line-manager training
  57. If you’re worried about your health, don’t leave going to the doctor too late. The sooner you catch the problem, the easier it is to deal with
  58. Help yourself and our healthcare system by quitting smoking. There are a wide range of services available through the NHS. Visit https://bit.ly/2BvpjH2
  59. Be respectful to your doctors and NHS staff. Remember they are trying their best and working very hard to help you
  60. Point a friend to childcare grants. If you know an NHS worker who is also a parent, point them towards childcare grants at helpthemhelpus.co.uk
  61. NHS policy and resources only change at elections. Be informed and vote for the NHS
  62. Improve your fitness! Couch to 5K is a great way to get your health and fitness on track and improve your physical and mental wellbeing
  63. Check out our ambassadors! Follow golfer Matthew Jordan on his European tour - our newest HEROES ambassador. We are so grateful for his support.
  64. Donate £100 to HEROES. £100 could pay for 20 pairs of reusable scrubs. 14 reusable sustainable gowns or 50 reusable sustainable eye visors for NHS staff. Visit helpthemhelpus.co.uk to donate
  65. Provide Therapy. Are you a qualified therapist? Sign up with HEROES’ partner Harley Therapy and provide free counselling services to NHS staff. Visit https://harleytherapy.com/
  66. Wear a mask to your appointments. Remember to wear a face mask when visiting your dentist or doctor's surgery
  67. Buy Art. Looking to invest in art and our healthcare system?Maddox Galleryare a proud partner and are donating to HEROES. Visit https://artforheroes.co.uk/
  68. FollowFrancesco Mazzeiacross social (@francescocook), our HEROES ambassador, cooking up thousands of meals for NHS workers over the lockdown.
  69. Partner with us! Are you a large business owner? Partner with us to provide discounted and dree services to NHS workers
  70. Use your social media accounts to post information about HEROES and free childcare available to NHS workers
  71. Clap for the NHS to say #ThankYouTogether and share your clap yesterday.
  72. Help us continue helping the invaluable NHS team by donating to HEROES - we are dedicated to doing amazing work for our NHS workers, through COVID and beyond. Visit helpthemhelpus.co.uk