COVID-19 Response Charity Takes Care of Our Carers

New UK-wide charity brings critical support to NHS staff working tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19

In response to the growing pressure on the NHS frontline of the COVID-19 crisis, family and friends of a London-based NHS doctor, Dr Dominic Pimenta, came together to create a new charity - HEROES. Set up to deliver on one mission at its heart; Help Them, Help Us the charity has already raised over £1,000,000 in funds.

Founded by NHS workers to help NHS workers, HEROES brings direct insight from the frontline on the physical, mental and day to day needs of staff across the nation. The founders identified three key areas of focus for the HEROES mission; facilitating the delivery of food through existing infrastructure (restaurants, commercial kitchens and food service businesses), obtaining and creating a supply stream of much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) and finally by providing vital human health and well-being services such as childcare, counselling and a support grants scheme to cover the additional costs incurred due to extra shifts and longer hours worked.

Overwhelmed by the support and generosity towards its cause, HEROES has been working with global brands, high profile ambassadors and the public to respond to these needs during the national health crisis. The invaluable real-time frontline experience brought to HEROES through its founders also ensures that help and support is provided quickly and with immediate impact.

Joe Cole, the former England footballer and his wife Carly joined the team as founding members and ambassadors for HEROES. Joe says;

This is a fantastic new initiative set up to support the frontline NHS workers, the real heroes ‘digging in’ for us in very difficult circumstances. We, the British public can help with this. It is a call of our generation to stick together.”

Co-founder Dr Dominic Pimenta, says:

“We are dedicated to a single ideal, anything that makes an NHS worker's life better. This crisis will see many of my colleagues face the most challenging time of their lives. The government and management are swamped already, so we set up HEROES to support the frontline workers for now and far into the future. We must do all we can to protect and defend it at this difficult time. We can get through this together if we help them, help us”

To join the effort or to sign up as a partner, visit To donate instantly to the appeal, click here.

The HEROES launch and 1 million pound announcement film can be found and shared on Instagram: @helpthemhelpus_