David Yarrow releases exclusive image on St George's Day in a bid to raise £1million for NHS 'HEROES'

Today (23rd April 2020) world renowned fine art photographer, David Yarrow has announced the release of an exclusive image to support ‘Art for Heroes,’ the virtual art exhibition set up by Maddox Gallery to raise money for charitable organisation HEROES, founded by doctors, nurses and healthcare workers fighting the global health crisis.

Renowned for his evocative and immersive photography, David Yarrow will be releasing a stunning black and white photograph, which captures the striking image of a lioness, under the caption ‘Our Pride,’ symbolising the strength, bravery and courage of our NHS. The never-before-seen photograph will be released on St George’s Day, a national day of pride for England. It highlights the transcending level of power and vitality of the adult lioness. She embodies the spirit and bravery required by every individual experiencing this global pandemic first hand.

Released as a limited edition print series - available to buy from Maddox Gallery’s ‘Art For Heroes’ virtual exhibition on www.artforheroes.co.uk - for a £500 donation, people will be sent a fine art print digitally signed by the artist and for every print purchased, another 'Our Pride' print will be given to an NHS staff member, for free. Alternatively, people will be able to purchase a digital copy for a minimum donation of £10.

All proceeds will be donated to HEROES, a charitable organisation founded by NHS Doctors and nurses on the frontline fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. HEROES’ aim is to support the welfare and well being of NHS staff and this involves everything from acquiring much needed medical equipment, delivering meals to the hospitals and helping NHS workers with day to day costs such as parking and childcare.

Jay Rutland, Creative Director of Maddox Gallery says:

“I have never been more grateful for the job our NHS workers are doing. Now more than ever we really appreciate their efforts for very little pay and extremely long hours. They are putting their lives and those of their families at risk everyday just by going to work so this is our way of helping to raise awareness and giving back.”

“As an ambassador for HEROES, it is an honour to have joined forces with them and enlist the support of one of Maddox Gallery’s most influential artists, David Yarrow, to continue to raise awareness for this incredible project. Alongside some of HEROES’ achievements to date, Art For Heroes by Maddox Gallery has helped raised over £700,000 so far and I am hopeful that with David’s generous contribution and the public’s support, we will hit our target of raising £1million for doctors and nurses on the front line of the pandemic.”

David Yarrow says

"I am humbled that HEROES, the charitable organisation founded by NHS doctors and nurses, will be continuing their fund-raising campaign, in collaboration with artists and Maddox Gallery, with the release of this artwork based on a photograph of mine.”

“Like everyone in the UK, I feel enormous pride, as well as a sense of huge debt to the NHS. They are the heroes not just of my generation, but every generation that is living through this global pandemic. I hope that this image can become symbolic of our affection and respect for the British Institution.”

“The debt of gratitude we collectively owe our front line workers has never seemed so high.We believe this image will resonate with Brits right now because no matter what your political background, race, religion or football team, those of us on this small island can often be united by one thing in spite of all else. For this reason, we are launching this phase of the campaign on St George’s Day, Thursday April 23rd – a day of national pride, bringing our country together.”

“Maddox, our London gallery; Genesis Imaging, our London printers, and the team at David Yarrow Photography will do all we can to make sure this campaign raises material sums for those on the front line of the horrendous battle. Also, for every print ordered, we will be donating one to an NHS worker. It is the very least we can do.”

Available for interview: David Yarrow and Maddox Gallery’s Creative Director Jay Rutland, and his wife Tamara Ecclestone who have joined forces to raise awareness of the organisations efforts by becoming ambassadors of HEROES.