HEROES x The Last Great First

We are very proud to be partnering with The Last Great First, who are attempting the first ever unsupported ski across Antarctica and in doing so, breaking a world record, and raising £1million for HEROES.

Dr Gareth Andrews and Dr Richard Stephenson have been exploring polar regions together for over a decade and had begun training for Antarctica before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. As doctors first and foremost, the pair put down their poles to help out on the frontline, witnessing first-hand the tremendous strain placed on our co-workers. Dr Gareth Andrews leads an intubation team in Cardiff, while Dr Richard Stephenson focuses on planning, training and repurposing should the COVID-19 crisis worsen in New Zealand. The pair have now been able to accelerate their preparations, including more robust outdoor training, running through the streets of Cardiff and lugging tires across the parks of Dunedin.

Following a series of successful expeditions, including an unsupported descent down the 178km Skjálfandafljót River in Iceland, the duo began months of dedicated planning to embark on their upcoming mission, The Last Great First. Having spent years training together, their journey now continues but across two different continents in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The doctors originally aimed to complete the challenge in 2021 but had to put all planning, preparation and training on hold following the outbreak of the virus. As a result, they have teamed-up with HEROES, in a bid to raise £1 million in support of our peers working on the frontline, and for this we are truly grateful.£1million will provide 51,000 visors, 43,750 gowns, 53,450 scrubs, 4,000 respirator masks and 100 childcare grants at the value of £1,500/grant for NHS workers.

Do you want to take part in an adventurous challenge? Our partner Charity Challenge offers a wide range of thrilling challenges and experiences that raise money for frontline NHS workers. Find out more information here:

Alternatively, you can support the doctors in reaching their fundraising goal by donating here.