Meet The Team: Nes

We are immensely proud to have built up our business and team during lockdown.

Today we’re bringing you our inaugural monthly ‘Meet the Team’ series, profiling the people behind our dream team who work their magic day in, day out!

To kick-start the series, we are delighted to introduce you to… drum roll… Nes, our Head of Operations and Engagement!

We asked Nes a few questions about what it is like working at HEROES so far, and Nes shared some thoughts around what she envisages for the future. Here’s what we covered:

  1. What is your role at HEROES and what do you do?

I am currently Head of Operations and Engagement at HEROES. I deal directly with all operational aspects of the charity – from the distribution of face covers to the management of our mental health provision. I oversee figures, outputs and much more. I also work on building our engagement with NHS trusts around the UK so that we can have maximum reach and have a positive impact on the wellbeing of as many healthcare workers as possible.

  1. How did you initially get involved with HEROES?

I initially volunteered at HEROES and realised my passion for working in this particular sector. Having studied Law at university and then worked as a teacher, I have been able to draw on a wide range of experiences and skills to deliver the best possible service for the charity.

  1. What do you like the most about working at HEROES, and what is your favourite thing to have worked on to date?

I love the fact that our role at HEROES is centred on one single objective: to improve the wellbeing of the people that work so tirelessly to keep us all well and safe. During the first wave of the pandemic, it was incredible to be a part of a team that arranged and delivered 900 meals per day to healthcare workers who were struggling to find meals around their long shifts during lockdown.

  1. With HEROES having been set up in March and only recently reaching its 6-month milestone, what organisational challenges have you faced?

We have certainly come across some challenges. Not meeting anyone in person throughout the whole journey has been a real challenge! Nevertheless, this has encouraged us to build a strong sense of teamwork and communication virtually – I think we have really succeeded in doing this!

  1. Where do you see HEROES in a year’s time?

I envision HEROES to be the number one provider of well-being and welfare solutions for staff across the healthcare space in the UK.

  1. How does this company differ from others you have worked for?

Having previously worked as a teacher, there are many aspects of HEROES that differ to my previous workplace – working only with adults being one of them! However, what strikes me most is the similarity in the ethos of both institutions – working to maintain and improve the wellbeing of others in society.

  1. How do you find remote working due to the currently pandemic, and how does this impact your role?

Working remotely has been going well but can be challenging at times. There are moments you wish you could grab a coffee with a colleague and have a chat about a project, or about what you did on the weekend. It can be isolating at times, but we have managed to create a great environment where there is always someone there to listen, albeit on the phone or on video call!

And there you have it. Now you can you see why we are so proud of our team, right? Thanks to Nes for all her hard work and for her continued dedication to helping frontline workers.

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