Meet The Team: Sammy

Today we bring you our second instalment of our monthly ‘Meet the Team’, in which we profile the people behind the hard work at Healthcare Workers’ Foundation.

This week we asked Sammy, our Senior Officer of Operations and Engagement, about lockdown and working for HWF and the challenges and rewards that that last few months have brought!

  1. What is your role at HWF and what do you do?

    I’m currently the Senior Officer of Operations and Engagement at HWF, working closely with the lovely Nes, Head of Operations and Engagement.

    Recently, I’ve been developing the HWF Family Fund to get it ready to launch - keep your eyes peeled for more information! I also keep the website updated with the latest metrics and oversee our key deliverables, which consist of PPE, childcare grants and counselling sessions.

  2. How did you initially get involved with HWF?

    I initially got involved with the charity mid-August as the Executive Admin Assistant.

  3. What do you like the most about working at HWF, and what is your favourite thing to have worked on to date?

    It’s incredibly satisfying to know that week by week we’re making a difference to the welfare and wellbeing of NHS staff. My mum is a nurse and was actually due to retire this year, but instead she continued to assist during the pandemic. Knowing HWF exists to protect and support healthcare workers like my mum is what drives me to achieve results.

    I honestly couldn’t choose a favourite project to date, however reading the thank you emails and seeing pictures of NHS staff that have accessed our services is a truly phenomenal feeling.

  4. With HWF having been set up in March and only recently reaching its 6-month milestone, what organisational challenges have you faced?

    Obviously starting any business during a worldwide pandemic will have its challenges. Having said that, we're a really tight knit focused team and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in real life.

  5. Where do you see HWF in a year’s time?

    I’d like to think of us as the UK’s number one charity providing wellbeing and welfare solutions for NHS staff as well as much needed support to the children and families of healthcare workers whom we have sadly lost to COVID-19.

  6. How does this company differ from others you've worked for?

    HWF differs for me because of its start-up environment. I’m really enjoying building an idea from the ground up as you’re constantly learning and escaping your comfort zone.

  7. How do you find remote working due to the current pandemic, and how does this impact your role?

    As I touched upon earlier, not being together in an office environment can impact how quickly we’re able to deliver on things, which can be frustrating at times. Zoom is your new best friend! I also miss the social aspects like having a cuppa and going through a document together. I do however enjoy top half dressing and often have some mad leopard print harem number on the bottom half. Plus, I can now live in slippers!