Wellbeing, Counselling and Support Services

Counselling and wellbeing support for all NHS workers

There are a range of organisations and services which can offer help. No matter what you are struggling with, whether it is financial difficulty, depression, anxiety or if you are looking for legal advice, find signposts to support here.

Harley Therapy is a high-ranking platform for booking psychotherapy and counselling with the UK's top therapists. They partnered with Healthcare Workers' Foundation to offer free sessions with qualified therapists for all NHS workers.
Practioner Health. Verified for NHS workers, this national hub is your first port of call to access resources or support across the UK.
British Medical Assosciation Support Services. A confidential helpline offering quick access to counselling and peer support for doctors and medical students. Free of charge and available UK-wide 24/7. Doctors do not need to be a BMA member and it is also available to their immediate families.

More support and resources for all NHS workers

NHS Staff Support Line

This free and confidential mental health hotline connects NHS workers with thousands of specially trained volunteers from Samaritans, Hospice UK and Shout to receive support and advice for the pressures they face every day during the Covid-19 crisis. Available from 7:00am – 11:00pm, seven days a week.

Call: 0300 131 7000

Alternatively, you can text FRONTLINE to 85258 for support 24/7 via text.

NHS Silvercloud

SilverCloud is an online course to help you manage stress, anxiety and depression. A series of topics have been selected by a therapist to address specific needs. The eight-week course is designed to be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

Health Professionals Wales

Free, confidential service now available to all Health Professionals and Healthcare Students working in NHS Wales.

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust opened an official Covid-19 respite centre to give London NHS staff who are responding to the pandemic a safe place to come for a change of scene, a sleep, a meal or psychological support. Located in the Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road.

Project 5

Free mental health and wellbeing service for the NHS workforce. Project5 will give NHS staff access to one-to-one support sessions with either accredited clinical psychologists, mental health experts or coaches, via an online booking system.


Welldoing.org therapists are offering free sessions to NHS staff during the crisis. All therapists have been verified and are members of their appropriate professional bodies.

The Relational School

Online psychological support offered by a community of counsellors and psychotherapists. Up to five free sessions are available to all NHS staff who are engaged in the front line whilst facing the challenging realities of the Covid-19 crisis.

Duty to Care

Free online sessions which focus on mental health and wellbeing. Register with your NHS email on the Duty To Care website to get access to instant help and support from CBT therapists, psychotherapists, mindfulness teachers, meditation and breath-work experts.

Frontline 19

Mental health and emotional wellbeing support service set up by therapists to support frontline staff, working in partnership with Helpforce. Visit Frontline19.com to be quickly matched with a professional psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist offering free online sessions.

The Help Hub

For friends and family of NHS workers, or any non-NHS worker who may need someone to talk to during this anxious time for us all. Their network of therapists provide a free service – listening, supporting and helping where they can.

Heather Wellbeing

Heather Wellbeing is providing free mental health and wellbeing support to NHS staff. Sessions take place online and over the phone, through Heather’s network of 200 qualified psychotherapists who are volunteering during the crisis.

Resilient Practice

Formed to raise awareness of the importance of personal resilience in modern life. Improve your self-awareness and learn a range of practical skills from which you can create your own personal resilience toolkit.


Join for daily wellbeing content, specifically designed for the challenge of keeping a healthy mind and body whilst fighting the Covid-19 battle.

Body and Soul

A call-back service offering 30-minute sessions with a trained therapist, giving you a chance to be validated, heard and supported. There is an option for further support if necessary.

NHS Million

Dedicating time to art projects is a good way to unwind, and many forms of art are known to benefit your happiness and wellbeing. NHS Million teamed up with artists from around the UK to bring you lots of poster designs to print and colour in at home.

Joyful Doctor

Joyful Doctor is offering enhanced online wellbeing support to NHS staff through wellbeing workshops and webinars, individual or group coaching and facilitated peer support groups.

Bereavement Support

Bereavement support line

A confidential bereavement support line, operated by Hospice UK and free to access from 8:00am – 8:00pm, seven days a week. The team of qualified bereavement specialists are available to support you with any issues relating to loss experienced through work. You will be offered up to 3 sessions with the same counsellor and onward support to our staff mental health services if you need.

Call: 0300 303 4434

Doctors and Medical Students

British Medical Association

A confidential helpline offering quick access to counselling and peer support for doctors and medical students. Free of charge and available UK-wide 24/7. Doctors do not need to be a BMA member and it is also available to their immediate families.

Royal College of Nursing

As an RCN member you can get free, confidential support and assistance to help you deal with challenging, emotional issues you may face, whether relating to work or your personal life.

British Dental Assosciation

Dentists facing anxieties should call the BDA Wellbeing Support Service available 24/7 on 0800 030 5182.

Pharmacist Support

An independent, trusted charity providing a wide variety of services to pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students. They offer mental health resources, wellbeing workshops and specialist advice on financial and legal matters.

The Ambulance Staff Charity

TASC are dedicated to supporting the UK’s ambulance community. Offering specialist help for trauma and PTSD, they provide a tailored approach to mental health and wellbeing for anyone who’s effected by what they experience at work.



This mental health platform provides tools and training which you can use to measure and manage your mental health needs, including digital programmes designed to help with stress, sleep, coping, connection, fulfilment and nutrition. They are offering free access to NHS staff until the end of December 2020. Sign up with your NHS email address and download the Unmind app from your app store.


The Headspace app specialises in mindfulness and meditation, providing unique tools and resources to help reduce stress, build resilience, and aid better sleep. They are offering free access to all staff with an NHS email address until 31 December.


The Daylight app provides help to people experiencing symptoms of worry and anxiety, using evidence-based cognitive behavioural techniques, voice and animation. Big Health is offering free access to Daylight for all NHS staff until 31 December.


Sleepio is a clinical evidence-based sleep improvement programme which uses cognitive behavioural techniques tailored to your personal needs. Big Health is offering free access to Sleepio for all NHS staff until 31 December.

Orpheus Mind

Using sound therapy, the Orpheus Mind group have released an innovative sound specifically designed to help with the mental health pressures experienced in the time of Covid-19. The tracks, when played in order, will combat negative emotions and encourage a feeling of calm.