The Numbers

Total Funds Generated


Direct donations


Gift-In Kind


Fund Generation - Community


Families Programme - Funds raised



Support provided to date


items of PPE, mask coverings, food, grants, gifts and services delivered to healthcare workers

Expenditure to date


on a CE-marked 3D Printed visors - producing 100,000 by Sept 2020


on 3,720 bottles of hand sanitizer for distribution to GPs, hospices and community care


on polycotton material to produce 12,000 pairs of scrubs and 1000s of reusable gowns


on childcare grants for NHS workers


on Phase 1 of Oxford Inspired Snorkel mask project


Supporting Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, Cavell Trust and purchasing 2 x laparoscopic Safe Surgery machines for Barnet hospital


Reusable filtering face coverings delivered to NHS workers nationally


Worth of Gifts In Kind donated (food, gifts, counselling, scrubs)


Fundraising costs


Staff costs (including support & sundries)

Overall Total


Budget Oct - Dec 2021


Childcare grants


To provide counselling sessions - Harley Therapy


Well-being rooms created in hospitals



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